Why Cape Town

People Have been asking "Why Cape Town" given that neither Tatiana nor Shawn are from South Africa. Rather than given each of you different reasons "Why" we thought we would compile a Top 10 List to answer that question... Well actually 3 Top 10s lists. Enjoy!

1Sheer Natural Beauty
Situated on the south-western tip of Africa, Cape Town and the Western Cape is recognised as one of the most beautiful places on earth.
2Great Weather
Warm languid summers and mild, moist winters - conditions that perfectly sum up the mediterranean climate of Cape Town and the Western Cape.
3So Affordable
Recognised as one of the most affordable destinations in the world, Cape Town & the Western Cape makes luxury possible, even in these cash strapped times.
4Cultural Melting Pot
Cape Town and the Western Cape is a cosmopolitan destination where cultural diversity creates an exciting vibrancy and adds to its creativity.
5First Class Wining and Dining
The destination with its many restaurants serving traditional or contemporary Cape and international cuisine, is also one of the wine capitals of the world.
6Diverse Experiences
Experience Cape Town and the Western Cape and discover the ultimate combo of nature, wildlife, culture, adventure, heritage and vibe!
7Easy Access
Cape Town International Airport is served by 20 international airlines on a weekly basis, linking the destination to every major global hub.
8Sunny Blue Flag Beaches
Home to 13 internationally recognised Blue Flag beaches, Cape Town and the Western Cape is what summer dreams are made of.
9Excellent Infrastructure
So whether you're wanting uber luxury or authentic African, Cape Town & the Western Cape has the perfect place to stay, easy roads to get about on and endless great places to eat and connect at.
10Safety and Security
Cape Town is also considered the safest destination in Africa. The successful hosting of the 2010 FIFA World Cup paid wonderful testament to that.