Our Wedding

Welcome to Frazelina Inc’s You Only Live Once wedding website. Rather than going for the traditional paper wedding invitations we thought it would be fun to create an informative and interactive website which will be your source of information as you plan what will be a spectacular trip to what we consider one of the most beautiful cities in the word. 

For those of you who are not aware, we have decided to get married in South Africa, splitting the wedding festivities between Cape Town and Stellenbosch with the ceremony itself being held at Asara Wine Estate. Contained in this website you will find a whole load of useful information about the location, the wedding, accommodation and “must do’s” as well as functionality that that will allow you to  RSVP or send us questions online which we hope will make it easier for you in planning your trip .

In an effort to keep everyone updated, as the wedding is still many months away, we have created the News Feed. We would encourage everyone to check back occasionally as all updates as it pertains to the itinerary, venues, preferential rates, and activities as well as  guest RSVPs will be published here. 

We look forward to welcoming you to Cape Town for what will be a truly an unforgettable event!

Shawn and Tatiana